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Battery systems
4WD battery systems

Battery Systems

There’s a great deal of confusion out there about in-vehicle battery management.

At the end of the day, we simply need to know that our auxiliary battery will be effectively maintained at all times. What was once a simple concept has become quite convoluted. Vehicle manufactur- ers don’t make it easy. In pursuit of greater efficiency and reduced emissions their electrical systems are now so complex that install- ing a second battery can be a huge challenge!

The key to overcoming this challenge is to ensure a dual battery installation doesn’t compromise the vehicle’s factory electrical system. An aftermarket install should be completely independent of the host vehicle except for one common connection – the main battery. This is how we, at interVOLT, approach our battery man- agement solutions.

We have two different solutions for battery maintenance and there is a simple distinction between them.


Before the EBI Pro, battery isolator/combining devices were pretty simple. There’s nothing wrong with simplicity but if it comes at the cost of versatility then you already have compromise. The EBI Pro is truly unique and versatility is just one of the many advantages.

Our EBI Pro is a battery isolator. In basic terms an isolator is a controller. It directs available current from the vehicle’s own charg- ing system to the auxiliary battery by controlling the voltage. One of the great benefits of this system is that charging current is not limited by an isolator where it is with a charger. If your vehicle has 100 Amps of charging power available, you can tap into all of it when using an isolator.

EBI Pro battery system


Battery to battery charging technology has been around for some time now. There are a number of products available that compare favourably, some good some not so good. Our goal from the outset was to design something better than the garden variety offerings so we created, what we believe to be, the most innovative in-vehicle battery charging system to ever hit the market.

Our DCC Pro is a charging device. It differs from an isolator in that it works by converting power. In other words, it changes the input power at the device to a self-managed output, independent of the vehicle’s own charging system. The charging current is, however, limited by the device. This system is particularly useful where the auxiliary battery is of a different type (chemistry) than the starting battery for example.

EBI Pro battery system

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