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Recovery gear and equipment
4WD recovery gear and equipment

Recovery Gear and Equipment

It’s an inevitable part of offroading. Don’t let getting stuck put you off your adventure, make sure you pack the right recovery equipment for your vehicle and terrain.

Offroad adventuring can take you across every type of terrain imaginable, from beach sand to red desert sand, soft mud, slick ice, powdery snow, red clay, loose rocks and gravel, creek and river crossing, ocean spray and red dust.

The world we choose to explore doesn’t let us do it with ease, or even with safety. Make no mistake there can be dangers when you choose to leave the bitumen, so when you do, you have to be armed with the gear proven to get you out and keep you safe.

Snatch Straps

Snatch straps are purpose designed to stretch a small way under intense loads, the kinetic energy from trying to pull a bogged vehicle is then disperse along the tensioned elastic line and aids in the recovery, instead of transferring that potential explosive energy into a more rigid line like wire or rope.

This displaced energy is more suited to high impact recoveries like you would find with snatching.

With all this in mind, Opposite Lock has performed extensive testing and design refinements with their snatch straps and continues to do so. Ensuring sustained quality and safety.

Snatch Recovery Kit


The Snatch Recovery Kit contains:
■ 8m Snatch Strap
■ 2 x 3.75t Bow Shackles
■ Recovery Bag
■ Rigging Gloves

Recovery Tracks

Recovery Tracks are a light, strong, and easy to store vehicle recovery option. Recovery tracks are the quick and safe choice.

Usually used in sets of four (and sometimes pairs), all you have to do is wedge a track firmly against each tyre tread, hop in your vehicle and gently accelerate. Once your tyre tread mounts and grips the track, your vehicle will then gain traction from the ribbing on the track and you’re on your way!

Tyre Repair Kit

Punctures on and offroad are a fact of life, but getting a flat doesn’t always mean getting stuck.

The Opposite Lock Tyre Repair Kit is cost-effective, headache saving and ultra portable kit that can repair punctures caused by nails, sticks and other debris without having to remove the tyre from the rim.

Kit Contents:
■ 1 x Spiral Hole Reaming Tool with Heavy Duty ‘T’ Handle
■ 1 x Repair Strip Inserting Tool with Heavy Duty ‘T’ Handle
■ 1 x Replacement Insertion Tool Tip
■ 20 x Repair Strips
■ 1 x Tub of Lubricant
■ 1 x Trim Knife

Winch Extension Straps

Winch extension straps are a great low cost, low bulk solution to getting a few more crucial metres out of your existing snatch when that all important anchor is too far away.

Make sure you always have at least one when traveling alone or in a small group, it could be the one bit of kit that keeps you out of a hole and back on the track.

Super Snatch Recovery Kit


The Super Snatch Recovery Kit contains:
■ 10m Snatch Strap (10t)
■ 2 x 4.5t Bow Shackles
■ 3m Tree Trunk Protector
■ 5m Drag Chain
■ Recovery Bag
■ Rigging Gloves
■ Load Bridle

Snatch Block

A snatch block is a must have for single vehicle recoveries using a winch.

The snatch block allows you to change the direction of power from the winch line, so even if the vehicle is trapped in a direction that does not allow for in-front winching, you can use the snatch block to augment the recovery line and recover safely without risk of tangling the spool from your winch.

With an endless number of rigging options, take an afternoon to go out and practice a few recoveries before heading out bush.

Load Capacity: 8 tonne

Tyre Deflators

The Opposite Lock Tyre Deflator makes quick and accurate tyre deflation easy, it simply screws onto your tyre and with a few quick turns removes the valve core for swift pressure release.

During the deflation you can check the pressure at any time by using the built in pressure gauge, the gauge gear is driven and easy to read.

The Opposite Lock Tyre Deflator also comes with a handy travel pouch.

Tree Trunk Protector

Trees are an often used and relied upon anchor point in recovery situations, but running a straight wire or chain around a tree can not only severely damaged the tree, but can also damage your gear as well. Sap ingress on a rolled winch is not fun to clean off!

That’s where tree trunk protectors come in, they’re a low cost preventative item that belong in every offroaders kit. Save your gear, protect the environment.

Snatch & Winch Recovery Kit


The Snatch & Winch Recovery Kit contains:
■ 8m Snatch Strap
■ 10m Winch Extension Strap
■ 2 x 3.75t Bow Shackles
■ 3m Tree Trunk Protector
■ 5m Drag Chain
■ Snatch Block
■ Recovery Bag
■ Rigging Gloves
■ Load Bridle

Recovery Hitch

The number one recovery item in many kits is the recovery hitch.

The recovery hitch slides into any 50mm towbar receiver and locks in using the pull pin and clip that holds the tow hitch in place.

The recovery hitch has locking holes on all sides in case you need to the orientate the recovery direction.

It also comes with a 3.25t shackle, so you can hook a snatch strap on right out of the box if needed!

Winch Damper

A winch damper is a must for any winch or strap recovery, should any component fail under load then the transfer of energy through the strap or cable could have dire results.

The Opposite Lock Winch Damper drastically reduces this possibility by forcing the line down during the event of failure. This causes the line to drop straight down to the ground and dramatically reduces the risk of harm to bystanders and property.

The Opposite Lock Winch Damper is manufactured from heavy duty vinyl, has a reflective strip for night time recoveries, long internal velcro strips for grip and contains internal pockets for carrying items to and from the anchor point.

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