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A winch is the absolute duck’s nuts for a solo recovery, for that time when you’ve got the truck stuck hard and there’s nobody around to pluck you out. Yep, a good winch can be a life saver for anyone contemplating a bit of adventure off-road in New Zealand because no matter what the map says, there’s always a chance something’s changed!

So my first winching tip is simple - get a decent winch and get it fitted right! A winch is no use if it’s not working and that means you’ve got to start with a reputable brand. The difference is often very subtle, things like decent water sealing and real carbon brushes in the motor instead of copper strips. Most winches will pull hard straight out of the box but it’s what they do a year or so after you’ve stuck them through a creek or two that’s the important bit.

So given Opposite Lock’s philosophy of doing the right thing by their customers it’s great to see that they stock what I consider to be the three best winches in the business. Let’s face it, Warn winches are a proven thing. The first Warn I ran on Milo was still working six years later but that was six years of use that’d be the equivalent to twenty anywhere else! Yep, the old green girl’s got a habit of sitting down in mud puddles and hanging off cliffs...

And when I did replace it, more as a precaution than anything else, it was with a KingOne. I’d heard the lads raving about this new brand which was cleaning up all the serious winching tests so I had to try it for myself. It’s still there four years later, still copping an absolute pizzling and still capable of plucking Milo and me out of any sticky situation. Two great brands to choose from for starters but then I pulled down one of the new VRS winches - designed in Australia - and what do I find? Yep, things like a double lipped seal design on the drum to keep water out of the gearbox and a three stage planetary gearbox backed by a genuine 5.3hp motor. That’s three good winches for you to choose from - once again fulfilling Opposite Lock’s philosophy of offering you choice and value!

Winch use isn’t rocket science but it does involve common sense. For starters, use tested and approved gear. Nothing will kill you quicker than the crack of a sub standard rope or shackle breaking! Anything heavy in the line is a potential weapon so don’t use shackles anywhere other than to join the tree trunk protector to the hook or strap. If you have to join straps, loop them together with a bit of light wood or a magazine so you can still loosen that knot after it’s taken the strain. Use a winch blanket so that if the cable or rope breaks it’ll hit the ground, not you.


KingOne’s range of steel cable winches are tough, reliable and have serious pulling power to get you and your 4x4 out of trouble.

TDS95SH Winch

With a jaw breaking speed of 64 feet per minute the new High Speed TDS 9500lb will be breaking more records worldwide.
Featuring an external dual cone brake, the TDS series is perfectly built for use with synthetic rope, as there is no heat build up on the drum.
With a proven, award winning track record; the TDS95SH is the go-to winch model for most off- roaders. Backed by an Opposite Lock exclusive 2 year electrical / lifetime mechanical warranty.

Line Pull: 4309kg / 9500lb
Wire Rope Size: 9mm x 30m
Motor: 12V 5.2hp / 24V 3.2hp
Winch Weight: 28kg

TDS12H Winch

The KingOne TDS12H is rated to 12,000lb (7485kg) and utilises a 3 stage planetary gearbox, which delivers the most reliable and durable performance under the worst of conditions.

The TDS12H’s clutch uses a rotating gear ring for fast spooling and rapid wire deployment, so you can get hooked up and out of trouble fast.
The heavy-duty series wound motor delivers superior torque output and faster line speed for quick recovery

Line Pull: 5442 kg / 12,000lb
Wire Rope Size: 9.5mm x 27.4m
Motor: 12V 6.2hp / 24V 4.0hp
Winch Weight: 42kg

TDS12SH Winch

The TDS12SH has all the award winning features of its smaller 9500lb counterpart only with the ability to pack more punch.
Designed to be used with synthetic rope, the TDS12SH is perfect for larger 4WD’s or for those that like to hook up a camper and head bush.

Line Pull: 5442kg / 12,000lb
Wire Rope Size: 9mm x 30m
Motor: 12V 6.2hp / 24V 4.0hp
Winch Weight: 32kg

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