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Production process
Bullbar production


Designed in Australia using the latest vehicle scanning technology, for the most accurate and best fitting bullbars on the market.

Before a bullbar can be released to the public, it must first pass through a series of complex design, build, test, safety and production phases.

Opposite Lock bullbars only make it to market when they pass all of these strict internal policies and guidelines, so you know when you choose to have an Opposite Lock bullbar fitted to your vehicle, you’re getting the best.

3D Vehicle Scanning

The first step in the development of any OL bullbar is to digitally scan the physical front end of the project vehicle, this gives our engineers a perfect three dimensional representation of the vehicles front end.


After the initial design is complete, a prototype is developed for ADR certification and testing. We also run the bar through our own real world field tests to measure vehicle response and make any alterations to the aesthetic should it be required.

AutoCAD Design

Engineers then use the 3D scan to design a bar that follows the natural contours of the vehicle, this process also eliminates potential fitment issues and unappealing joining gaps between the bar and chassis.

Safety and Compliance

The prototype is then independently tested to ensure it adheres to ADR69/00 (Full Frontal Impact Occupant Protection). Once the bar has passed its ADR (Australian Design Rule) tests, it then goes back to our engineers for their final sign off.

Fitting & Testing

A test bar is manufactured to the engineers specifications and is both test fitted in our plant in Thailand and testing facilities in Australia. Engineers and fitment officers then compare notes and make refinements as needed.

Full Scale Manufacture

After all previous steps are completed our bars are then ready to go to full scale production in our plant in Thailand. Following a strict quality control procedure, they’re then shipped directly to our holding facilities in Australia.

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